Steve Zitkovich’s webinar on how to set up your website to allow you to trade internationally went down extremely well with the audience.

What is the Video About?

The key message, setting things up correctly now will save you time and cost in the future, was clear throughout the presentation, which touched upon technical, operational, marketing and legal issues.

Steve explained the difference between internationalization, which is primarily  about setting up the technical aspects of your online presence to cope with the rules and practices in different countries; translation, which is about using the same content, but in different languages and localisation, which goes a step further and involves adapting your online content to individual countries or markets.

Steve explained that each enterprise would need to make decisions that would affect their technical and marketing operations in future. For example, do you run one website with a .com domain, or do you have different .com,, .fr, .de and so on for each country where you operate.

If you have a site in German, do you create a different one for each of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or do you use one German language site for all three countries. If the latter, how to you deal with purchases in different currencies?

There was time for the audience to ask questions, and many wanted to know about how they could ensure that they followed the regulations in a number of different countries, particularly those around storing personal customer data. One example given was that Germany requires databases of its residents to have undertaken a double opt-in before this personal data can be stored, plus when a German unsubscribes their data needs to be completely deleted from the server.

Although packed with useful content, this webinar was merely the first of two. The second will take place on October 2nd.

The Video

This wide ranging webinar covers:

  • Some Definitions

  • Example of Localization in Practice

  • How does Internationization Help and Early-Stage Company

  • Hassles I have Encountered

  • Internationalization Considerations by Team

  • Action Items

  • A Q&A


Who is Steve Zitkovich?

Steve Zitkovich has been leading localization for e-commerce steve_zitkovich_prof_portraitcompanies and online services for 18 years.

He has worked in startups as well as at global companies including Microsoft, Ofoto (now Shutterfly) and Getty Images. He works with company offices and localization vendors around the world, writes functional requirements and roadmaps for international, multilingual e-commerce sites and online services and has managed numerous product specifications, rollouts and launches in international markets.

Steve is active in the localization community, has attended 6 Localization World conferences and has presented at a Localization Institute Project Management Certificate course.




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