Steve Zitkovich’s webinar on how adapt your online presence in preperation for going international

What is the Video About?

This webinar covers the wide topic of early-stage companies and how to take the first steps to prepare their online presence and develop an online marketing strategy to be prepared to go international.

Steve explained the importance of localisation, how to set goals and the impact it will have on your company. He then continues to cover best practices, E-commerce, email marketing methods, issue related to localisation and much more.

This wide ranging webinar covers:

  • Definitions

  • Localisation goals

  • Localisation impacts in your company

  • Examples of localisation

  • Best practices

  • UI

  • Content

  • E-commerce

  • Email Marketing

  • Localisation hassles

  • Action items

The Slideshow

The Video

Who is Steve Zitkovich?

Steve Zitkovich has been leading localization for e-commerce steve_zitkovich_prof_portraitcompanies and online services for 18 years.

He has worked in startups as well as at global companies including Microsoft, Ofoto (now Shutterfly) and Getty Images. He works with company offices and localization vendors around the world, writes functional requirements and roadmaps for international, multilingual e-commerce sites and online services and has managed numerous product specifications, rollouts and launches in international markets.

Steve is active in the localization community, has attended 6 Localization World conferences and has presented at a Localization Institute Project Management Certificate course.




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