Webinar: International VAT on Electronic and Digital Services

What does this webinar cover?

This webinar is targeted at social enterprises who are trading online. Recent changes in international VAT rules have been designed to catch out big international companies who were avoiding VAT in the more expensive countries. Now, however, closing that loophole means that even small business who sell online need to be aware of and comply with international VAT regulations.

This wide ranging webinar covers:

  • What are the types of services included

  • How the change in the rules has affected the VAT treatment when providing these services

  • How do we confirm where we are supplying these services and what VAT rates to apply

  • How can we prove our customers location

  • Consideration of pricing issues in regards to charging VAT in each country


The Video

Stephen Pope – Manager

Working as a VAT consultant in a major London accountancy Stephen advises on international VAT compliance on a day to day basis and provides international VAT advice to clients all over the world. He also provides external training for a major VAT training company with regards to the mechanics of UK and international VAT in general. Stephen is a full member of the Association of Accounting Technicians. Stephen joined Fiscal Solutions in 2011

About Fiscal Solutions
Fiscal Solutions Ltd is a service company dedicated to providing unparalleled VAT services to our clients. We have provided Fiscal representation for clients since the early 1990s in response to the growing need of overseas trading. We believe we are unique in offering these VAT services throughout the EU and the rest of the world via a single contact point.

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