Scaler Interview: Nannuka

Country: Greece

Field of work: Employment, Children & Youth

We had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Arnaoutaki, Project Manager at Nannuka. 


What is Nannuka about?

Nannuka is an online service (platform) that helps parents find, book and review babysitters, teachers and other childcare providers for their families. On the other hand, Nannuka helps those professionals and childcare experts find a job. From supporting a future or a new mom to babysitting, childcare, creative play, psychological support and education, Nannuka is here to help parents make their everyday life easier! Nannuka also helps parent feel safe while choosing, by providing personality tests, verifications to the professionals, as well as references and reviews from other parents.

What is the story behind its creation?

3 new mom-preneurs with years of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing and PR, experienced the difficulty of finding quickly someone trustworthy, in order to take care of their children. Thus, in June 2014, Nannuka was launched in order not only help parents find the best professionals for their kids, while feeling safe and in a short period of time, but also be able to review them afterwards and help other parents make the right choice. I started working during the pre-launch period, in March 2014. I believed in the impact and in the potential of the idea from the first moment and I loved the idea of working with such a great team.

What is the social impact of Nannuka?

Our goal is to help parents make their lives easier by discovering trustworthy childcare professionals from 17 different childcare fields. That way we help them achieve more in the family / work balance challenge (especially for women) whereas we decrease the unemployment by offer hundreds of job positions monthly.

How does it work concretely for the 10,000 parents and professionals registered on the Nannuka platform?

Both parents and professionals register in Nannuka for free. Then parents browse the professional of their choice in their area and send them a job request or post a job ad so that the professionals would be able to apply to. They may choose among profiles with references and reviews or verified profiles. Professionals on the other hand complete their CV and either approach parents though their job ads, or answer job requests they directly receive.

What do you want to achieve by being part of the Scaling Program?

We want to help families all around the world find their own “Nannuka”. Such a goal, is not easy to be approached if you are not part of a network of people ready to help you and support your vision. Through the programme we aim to learn, get advice, get a better overview of our business and how it could be localized and make the first steps towards the scaling.

A random fact about Nannuka that everybody should know:

Nannuka is the first greek all-female start-up company.

Nannuka Logo

More can be found on Nannuka’s Scaler page, their website or their Facebook/Twitter

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