Scaler Interview: Handiscover

Sebastien Archambeaud, Founder and CEO; Bo Ekelund Chairman of the Board
Sebastien Archambeaud, Founder and CEO

Country: Sweden

Field of work: Disabilities and Tourism

We Recently had the pleasure to interview Sebastien Archambeaud, Founder and CEO of Handiscover, an organisation enabling those with disabilities to travel around the globe.


What is Handiscover about?

Our organization aims to enabling disabled people to discover the world by facilitating booking of appropriate accommodations all around the world.

What is the story behind its creation?

I have a son with a degenerative muscle disease and our family has been confronted by the difficulties of finding adequate accommodations abroad when travelling.

What is the social impact of Handiscover?

We facilitate travelling for people with physical disabilities, a target group that is not a main focus for many booking sites. The number of accessible accommodations on our website is the primary matrix we are focusing on right now.

Concretely, how does your project work and how does it benefit your target group

Thanks to our own classification system and algorithm, we classify accommodations according to the level of mobility they require. We also provide users with high quality information in order to facilitate booking of relevant accommodations.

What do you want to achieve by being part of the Scaling Program?

We are hoping for faster international roll out through the network of Impact Hubs and we aim to gain knowledge through the different seminars they provide.

A random fact about Handiscover that everybody should know:

We have now over 1,000 accommodations in 9 different countries.

Handiscover Logo

More can be found on Handiscover’s Scaler page, their website or their Facebook/Twitter

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