Scaler Story: Agronauti Vegan Organic Cosmetics

Agronauti Cosmetics produce organic vegan cosmetics with a highly ethical philosophy and strong product knowledge. They are based out of Impact Hub Milan and are working closely with Davide Pitzolu to achieve their goal of being a leading cosmetic brand both in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

Who are they?

From Left to Right: Cristian Melloni, Giotto, Roberta Gheda, Fabrizio Parolini, Domenico Frontera.
The communication team of Impact Hub Scaling recently had the chance to spend some time with the Agronauti team learning about them and their story. Lets hear what Domenico Frontera and Cristian Melloni have to say about Agronauti Cosmetics, what their vision and philosophy are and how Impact Hub Scaling are helping them make a difference in the world.

The products.


They have a wide range of Vegan Cosmetic products, ranging from anti-pollutants to natural sponges, all of which are carefully designed and encased in elegant packages.


Lets hear more about what the products are from Domenico.

And how are they made?

It sounds like you have an interesting view on the cosmetic business, can you tell us more about your visions and philosophies?

By having an open source policy are you scared people will steal your ideas?

Impact Hub Scaling is Helping Agronauti expand their social enterprise through the rest of Italy and hopefully through other parts of Europe. Lets hear from Cristian Melloni about one of the many aspects of Impact Hub Scaling that has benefit them.

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