Scaling Manager Interview: Wieke van der Zouwen – Impact Hub Amsterdam

Explain how Impact Hub Scaling helps their Entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Through impact hub scaling our entrepreneurs get to work top mentors from Social and sustainable businesses. Who assist in many aspects such as; HR, Financial Sustainable, PR, marketing, legal and more. These mentors are the best people to assist the entrepreneurs because they have already grown and scaled their businesses through Europe. Additionally during these meetings the Scalers get the chance to learn and collaborate with each other. By going through the scaling process together they can share best practices and help each other avoid the same mistakes.

What does Impact Hub Scaling Mean to you?

What makes Impact Hub Scaling unique

What are some of the benefits of Impact Hub Scaling?

One of the most valuable aspects of Impact Hub Scaling is that the entrepreneurs get the opportunity to learn and collaborate with each other.

Please tell us about the experts and mentors the Scalers have access to.

Through Impact Hub Scaling we provide our entrepreneurs with top mentors from social and sustainable businesses. These mentors are the best people to give our entrepreneurs advice on different topics, because they have built there businesses before and they have expanded through Europe before.

Describe Impact Hub Scaling at Impact Hub Amsterdam

Impact hub scaling in Amsterdam is a very diverse community. working on a wide range of topics such as women’s health, digital health inclusive labor and sustainable tourism, and this links to one of the most valuable aspects of Impact Hub Scaling. It is that the entrepreneurs get to learn and collaborate with each other

What do you like about your job as the Scaling Manager at Impact Hub Amsterdam?

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