Scaler Story: Accessible Travel

Veroniek Maat – Founder of Accessible Travel


Accessible travel is a travel agency with a focus on those with a disability. Offering information on accommodation, Tours, Mobility Equipment hire and more. On top of this they act as a contact person in the destination meaning there is always someone to turn to in a time of need. We recently had the chance to interview Veroniek Maat, founder of Accessible Travel.

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Lets hear from Veroniek about the founding of Accessible Travel


And Why did you start it?


We also had the pleasure to speak to Christiaan Zandstra, a wheelchair user, traveler and potential Accessible Travel user. We asked him to tell us what he thinks the primary reason behind accessibility issues and what booking an accessible holiday is like.


So how does Accessible Travel help people like Christiaan?


Christian then explains how using Accessible Travel can help him travel and gives one example where he wished he had used it.

How has Impact Hub Scaling helped you achieve your goals?

Impact Hub Scaling meant inspiration. It gave us valuable connections with other scalers and wise lessons that we can apply every day. It helped me answer a lot of unanswered questions I had as an entrepreneur, it helped with understanding how to measure impact and how to scale the business. The most valuable part of Impact Hub Scaling was working on a longer term business model.

To find out more about Accessible Travel visit their Scaler profile.

See the full interview here.

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