Scaler Story: FragNebenan


Stefan Theißbacher – CEO and Co-Founder

FragNebenan is a social network for urban neighbourhoods. It’s the place for neighbours to share knowledge, resources, organise mutual aid – or just chat about local issues. Within their house and quarter FragNebenan also empowers neighbours to interact with property managers, community initiatives and local authorities. We recently had the chance to interview Stefan Theißbacher, founder of FragNebenan.



So without further ado stefan Theißbacher.

What is your Social Impact?

We want to help neighbours to transfer their neighbourhood into a community in order to be able to organise mutual aid, give each other advise or to give each other a hand.

Why did you found FragNebenan

We founded FragNebenan because urbanisation is here, it isn;t something that will come. There are more and more people living in cities but they have less and less contact. So we see there is a problem of isolation and segregation, we want to help people to lower the hurdles to get into contact with each other, talking to each other, organising things and giving each other a hand


How has FragNebenan grown since its founding?

How many users does FragNebenan have?

When we launched in vienna we had 1000 people, now we have 34,000. We grew a lot, it was 6.4% week by week for the last year. Within the last year we developed a city manual in order to bring the concept to other cities. When we launched in Gratz two weeks ago we started to implement and refine this model. We have found this works, so after two weeks in Gratz we have nearly 2000 people using it and what I really liek is not only have they signed up but they Have started to communicate and help each other.

And how has Impact Hub Scaling helped with that growth?

Tell us more about the workshop

The workshop was led by Dan, he has a lot of experience in franchising. It was a good mix between input sessions and practical sessions. We also got the chance to talk to people who actually ran franchising programs, people from McDonalds and people from Body Shop. So we were able to discuss it with people who are ‘skilled franchisers’

What is Impact Hub Scaling for you?

For me Impact Hub Scaling was extremely helpful because it offered me a lot of tools and means to actually scale and to actually go to other cities.

What separates FragNebenean from other social networks for neighbours?

There are some similarities, we all focus on this target group, neighbours. Our major differentiation is for us it is mutual aid at the centre and we define ‘neighbourhood’ in a different way. For us its your house that is the centre, we connect you to the people you can reach by 10 minutes by food, so its not the district that dictates your neighbourhood, but the distance you can walk.

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