Scaling Manager Interview: Funda Sezgi – Impact Hub Stockholm

We recently had the opportunity to interview Funda Sezgi from Impact Hub Stockholm. With a PHD in Strategic Management Funda is now applying her expertise to help Social Businesses scale their impact. She joined the Impact Hub Scaling team one and a half years ago after spending time writing her disertaion on scaling social impact and running various executive training, coaching and mentoring.

Now lets here what she believes Impact Hub Scaling is.

And what do you like about your work?

FS: I love working for Impact Hub Scaling because it really is my passion to enable social entrepreneurs who are finding fantastic solutions to societal problems. There are a lot of challenges a head of us, and I believe it we need more bottom up approaches and it is our role to come up with solutions for these societal problems.

How does Impact Hub Scaling make an impact?

What makes Scaling in Sweden unique?

What learnings can you take from Impact Hub Scaling

FS: One of the learnings is that when you offer a scaling program there is a lot of work to be done in order to structure the organisations to be ready to scale. So at the start we aimed to target organisations that were ready to scale in the program, but then there’s a lot more work to do. Scaling takes a long time. Impact Hub Scaling was a program that was offered for a year, but I think we need to extend the opportunity to a longer period, as it takes time to see the results.

What is the future of Impact Hub Scaling

Any final thoughts?

Watch the full video here.

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