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Use the information and branding profiles you find here to help grow, advertise and scale. If there is anything missing that you need please contact your local Impact Hub Scaling Manager

Applications from social enterprises originating in the UK are now closed. We are still accepting applications in all other countries.


How to scale your business: 21 steps from the International Centre for Social Franchising

How to scale your business: 21 steps from the International Centre for Social Franchising You want to replicate your business successfully. The International Centre for Social Franchising ran a week long training for 10 of our most exciting social enterprises,… More

Webinar: Key principles of brand development and expansion

Key principles of brand development and expansion Almost anybody can create a logo, a product and a website and call it a “brand”. Then create more products, translate the product packaging and the website and go conquer other markets. Because… More

Measuring Your Social Impact

Measuring Your Social Impact The following text was an output from a recent masterclass at Impact Hub Kings Cross delivered by Heather Black.  Ten simple steps to measure your impact. Social enterprises aim to have an impact on society or… More

Webinar: International VAT on Electronic and Digital Services

Webinar: International VAT on Electronic and Digital Services What does this webinar cover? This webinar is targeted at social enterprises who are trading online. Recent changes in international VAT rules have been designed to catch out big international companies who… More

Training Effective Sales Techniques

Effective Sales Techniques. In our constantly changing world, only a small percentage of companies use effective sales techniques within a wider customer relationship management context. This is the case, no matter what the stage, size, mission or context of the… More

Webinar: Ready To Go International? How To Adapt Your Online Presence

Steve Zitkovich’s webinar on how adapt your online presence in preperation for going international… More

Webinar: How To Prepare for International ‘Before’ Going International

Steve Zitkovich’s webinar on how to set up your website to allow you to trade internationally went down extremely well with the audience.… More

Webinar: Global Governance

One of the challenges of growing a social enterprise internationally is to maintain your core values and bottom up control while also having coherence and order across the organisation. How do you minimise the risk to the quality and reputation… More

17 things to think about if you want to franchise your social enterprise

  Annette Dhami, from Impact Hub Islington and Brixton, is an expert on franchising. On 11th June 2015 she agreed to share with participants on the Impact Hub Scaling and BENISI programmes some of the key issues to think about… More

Download Scaling Logo

Logo Download You can download the Impact Hub Scaling Program from the Impact Hub Scaling program Brandisty page. To access the Brandisty page simply click the logo below.     By accessing the image on Brandisty it gives you access… More