Emilia Sánchez-Pantoja Belenguer – CEO

We are a responsible travel agency which understands that tourism is a powerful industry, able to transform society. Due to its economic and social impact, as well as its environmental impact, tourism development can be a positive growth engine for a community or, on the contrary, it can be the end of its natural resources and its way of life.

We want to scale to find partners in other countries with our same philosophy to extend our offer and improve our service.



What is the social impact of your business?

At Alturista we want each journey to contribute to the positive development that tourism can bring about. This is why we give those of you who want to travel options for responsible, sustainable tourism that ensure authentic experiences, consider social impact, and contribute to developing the local economy and preserving the environment.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

we would like to reach other countries and improve some of our services. We also need some advise on legal issues

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

I’ve been working in the public administration on tourism and also for some ngo for development and I’m willing to try to put all this experience together to bring real changes from a social entrerprise

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Impact Hub Scaling is an international program designed for social enterprises ready to scale locally & internationally, to enable entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, to successfully scale-up, drive social innovation forward and create positive impact. The program gets supported by J.P. Morgan, Fondazione Cariplo, Stavros Niarchos FoundationFondazione CRT as well as the European Commission’s FP7 Programme – BENISI Project. Find out more

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