Endo-Sight provides a 3D Augmented Reality navigation system able to guide surgeons and clinicians with extremely high precision inside the human body.

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Endo-Sight allows to see with extreme precision the position of the organs and of any pathogens reducing in this way risks and errors.

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The Scaling Program will allow Endo-sight to expand its business, improving the rate of success of surgeons, clinicians and the benefits for patients.

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The problem with Interventional Oncology is that the clinician can only approximate the exact position of the tumour and the probe inside the patient body. Ultrasonography is a big help but it has no spatial resolution (it is bi-dimensional). With existing technology, the problem is that many times, if nodules are deep or behind other anatomic structures, also very good clinicians can make a mistake and perform an ablation on a healthy tissue, missing the cancer. Endo-Sight is able to provide an augmented reality guidance providedeby smartglasses.

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