iCarry – Sharing Economy Delivery

iCarry's Team
Daniel Giovannetti – CEO, Gabriele Ferrieri – CFO and Team

iCarry is the new enabler on delivery’s services upon sharing economy. Thanks to its huge community, people can deliver things within the day (same day delivery) safely, quickly and economically.

iCarry was born to be Worldwide, and one of its primary goals is to prove its effective scalability.

That is why we see the scale’s expansion as a normal process of our medium-term future.


What is the social impact of your business?

We improve logistics in favour of a more sustainable system, using all available technology to reduce CO2 consumptions, costs and unnecessary travel, safely and quickly. We create new jobs, based on a better management of resources in the field of e-commerce, and all related logistics.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

We are focused on expanding our community and bringing our vision to wider international audience, starting with European countries. Working hard and with the right resources, millions of happy members will populate the iCarry’s Community.

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

More than 5K people joined iCarry’s Community in Italy and in less than two months since launch of the first version. Expanding worldwide, our community will have the strength to make the difference on these new markets we are going to face.

Learn more about iCarry here.

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