Admir Lukacevic

Idrott utan Granser(IUG) inspires thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds to see possibilities in life and believe in themselves and their potential to achieve their dreams.

IUG aims to give all children and young people opportunities to shape their future beyond their social background disregarding any limitations. We see many challenges in cities, there are large gaps in regards to children and young people. They are often not considered an importance which is confirmed by the difficulty they have in achieving their learning objectives in elementary school and later in finding a job, leading unemployment which in turn creates a vicious circle, that is hard to escape.

IUGs solution is to catch children early and surround them with good role models and to introduce meaningful leisure activities during physical education classes in elementary school as well as after school and during holidays.


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1983 born in Bosnia for half his childhood he experienced war and trauma.
1993 Admir came as a refugee to a segregated residential area in Landskrona, Sweden. Social affinity played their role in Admirs childhood and he began to build dreams from what he saw in the area. The biggest dream was to become a pizza baker. Already, as young he was, he was able to see clearly what the problem and solution was in society and began to slowly develop the idea that he strongly believed in (i.e. IUG Sport Without Borders)

After many obstacles, setbacks, police escorts but through courage, compassion  and decisiveness in 2008 he was awarded the scholarship Compass Rose, from the King’s Young Leadership Foundation, he has given hundreds of young people meaningful employment and new goals in life.

2008-2010 Admir developed his personal leadership by educating himself in a number of Senior courses such as SNS current affairs, business economics at Stockholm School of Economics IFL and others.

2010 he founded the organization Idrott utan gränser (Sport without borders).
2012 he is given the honor of being the Swedish representative on the International Visitor Leadership program, which was arranged by the US State Department, as well as Global Responsible Leaders Initiative in Cape Town.

2013 he was awarded one of 101 Supertalents of Sweden by Veckans Affärer
2014, he was awarded as an Ashoka Fellow.
2014, he was awarded by The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as Östergötland most enterprising man for his work and, above all, to give 40 young leaders a job within the IUG.
2015, he was nominated by the magazine “Chef” as one of the top 3 as “Diversity Director of the year” at Chef Gala in Stockholm.


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