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Mihnea Ghilduș – Founder, General Manager

Dizainăr sells and promotes Romanian Design. Their aim is to bringinternational recognition to Romanian designers and become the meeting point for value in creativity on the Romanian Market.

While Dizainăr sell over 600 types of products in their online stores, the enterprise is more than just a retail channel, working as a hub that connects the creators, the manufacturers and the clients, irrespective if it concerns existing products or design services provided by their growing community.

Dizainăr was launched by a team who understand the challenges of choosing a design career, especially in Romania where low access to production equipment and the smaller market for creative products make it extremely difficult for innovators and entrepreneurs to choose a career path fitting their passion.


What is the social impact of your business?

Dizainăr currently supports and promotes a community of 120 Romanian designers.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

We want to develop retail partnerships to sell Romanian products in other EU market and manufacturing partnerships with bespoke production companies to improve delivery time on large orders

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

The Dizainăr team supports existing designers, but also works with universities on educating aspiring innovators and students participating in aDizainăr parntnership course need to crowdfund one of their products as a course graduation exam.

Learn more about Dizainăr here.

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