MOSAIK – Agency for European Communication Projects

MOSAIK realizes unconventional projects

Katharina Moser_portrait (1)
Katharina Moser – Founder & CEO

that make you feel Europe’s diversity.
It is, by its very meaning a European agency. Its projects reach from a quirky card game on Europe to a one-day-event where you can experience traces of other European countries in your capital.

We want to scale our flagship project, the card game COME ON OVER! that serves European institutions as a communication tool with citizens in order to create a lighter approach to the topic of Europe. The game exists in German, English and French and we plan to translate it into all EU languages.


What is the social impact of your business?

MOSAIK wants to give an “Erasmus-experience” to everyone.

Its unconventional, low-threshold projects reach people on a personal level and grow their curiosity, interest and empathy for other European countries, cultures and people.

Only when we are convinced by European cooperation on a personal level, will our society be able to cooperate on a political and economic level. This is what MOSAIK strives for.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

We want to scale our flagship project, the card game COME ON OVER!, translate it into more European languages and bring it into more European countries.
It helps European institutions to make the topic of Europe more approachable. And it serves as a fun storytelling game for its players who do not only use their creativity and learn fun facts about European countries, but are also encouraged to rethink their own (stereotypical) ideas about each other.

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

Well, that’s an easy one for us. The mascot of COME ON OVER! is a little ferret. Why? Because there is a country in Europe, where men stuff living ferrets down their pants in order to prove their manhood. Whoever endures longer, wins. No underwear allowed. The current world record is something like 4,5 hours!

Learn more about MOSAIK here and COME ON OVER! here.

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