Real Room Escape

The Real Room Escape creates games, where teams of 2 to 25 people enter real rooms and solve a scenario of puzzles and mechanisms to find the keys to the doors. They use logical deduction, intuition, general knowledge and collaborate all the time to solve the scenarios. The game offers more insight on own skills and capabilities such as observation, attention to details, problem solving and boosts creativity, focus and strategic thinking. Each scenario is accompanied by a dedicated assessment sheet.

The Real Room Escape offers individual and group assessment reports to corporate companies. Their approach combines interactive “escape the room” games and HR expertise to ensure that the selection process is more human and provides candidates with an opportunity to fully express their potential, which most traditional interviews and recruiting procedures do not identify correctly.


Roxana Avadanei
Roxana Avadanei
Florin Cioaca
Mihai Toma
Alexandra Istrate
Claudiu Benciu


What is the social impact of your business?

Employee under-performance results in higher turnover rates thus expensive for any com

pany. Current assessment tools fail to predict future performance and Real Room Escape offers a good and much more effective alternative that helps predict with much more accuracy the future performance of employees.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

We wish to standardise the Real Room Escape model into a franchising/licensing package and identify training companies in the EU interested in using the Real Room Escape in their model.

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

The Real Room Escape games are one of the most interactive and comprehensible ways to evaluate e

mployee performance. 

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