Architectural Code pushes the architectural design in Romania by combining research on the developments in contemporary life and, not least, the personality and wishes of our beneficiaries. Our goal is to reach the ideal architectural solution.

We provide all kind of services related to the design of the building in order to provide a complete response to the customer’s requirements.
We are a team of specialists in architecture, urbanism, design, installation, structure, and not least in psychology and sociology. Team A-CODE perfectly combines the young spirit, hardworking and visionary skills of it’s founders with experience in construction and design of our collaborators.

Each project is viewed as being unique, in respect of the five main areas: architectural and technical quality, solutions for architectural and structural flexibility, adaptation to customer requirements, efficiency and intelligent allocation of resources.

We listen carefully, solve pragmatically and design creatively , building the beneficiaries ideas and expectations into reality.
We think that we have the creativity, an open mind and the vision to design buildings or furniture in other countries, for other cultures. We want to grow because we can offer more.


Arch. Andreea Onutu and Arch. Anca Ciobanu
Andreea-Georgiana ONUTU – Architect and Managing Partener and Anca CIOBANU – Architect and Managing Partener

What is the social impact of your business?

We are different from other architects, we see beyond the image. When we have a customer, we treat in totally the work he brings it: in terms of functional, economic, what psychological state will bring the space to those who use it, what impact will bring the building exterior, what message we want to send, how we could save energy, what he wants and what the customer needs.Among the first proposals always insert a proposal from unconventional materials (materials we choose depending on the location of the building) maritime containers, bales of straw, local materials etc.And in interior design projects we try to save material and space using transformable furniture designed entirely by us.Usually Romanians accept conventional variants and we hit by a rigid mentality to change, but we do not give up.In future we intend to invest in a transformable furniture line signed by the Architectural Code team.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

From this program primarily want to make ourselves known, to become more visible both on the national and on the international, to develop and create new jobs.
As for that we have to develop ourselves as:

  • Creating an environment of solid images online
  • Better promote our services
  • A better organization
  • Strengthening relationships with companies from other countries – who have similar experiences to share exchange or other service profile etc.
  • Development department creation of transformable furniture
  • Promotion of our services of design houses maritime container.

We also wish to develop capabilities for marketing environmental architectural services in new markets in the EU.

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

We love the fact that we are born in Romania because the culture and tradition of our country is a rich source of inspiration.
And a funny thing about us is that we love very much animals (in this moment I together with my colleague Anca have a total of 5 dogs, 4 cats and a parrot) and one of them, a dog became our mascot office it is a french bulldog named Frank, that we take with us everywhere. And of course in all design projects, where the client is an animal lover,we think about them and we design places for them, for play and live.

Learn more about S.C. ARHITECTURAL CODE S.R.L here.

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