Sveriges Internationella Talanger (SIT)

We offer educated foreigners who want to succeed in the Swedish labor market a professional network and online community where they can meet each other and find information and opportunities to further their ambitions. Most seek a way into the labor market and increased cultural understanding, so we offer workshops, lectures, training, and mentorship programs.

We wish to expand our services for our members by creating events where they can connect with potential employers. We also wish to give this important segment a voice in a globalizing Sweden and to be seen as an actor in the integration questions that often arise.

Samara H. Johansson – Marketing and Membership
Carlos Salas – Operations and Resources
Liz Bernat – Research and Data













What is the social impact of your business?

We help educated immigrants like ourselves enter the labor market through increased access to both information and professional contacts, the lack of which have been hindrances to integration.

What do you want to achieve by being part of Impact Hub Scaling?

We hope to be able to fortify our infrastructure, find ways to obtain resources, and strengthen our business model so that an economic value can be placed on our idea. Ultimately, businesses will want to access our talent pool and members/potential members will want to access our services.

Please give us one interesting fact about you.

We bring a global perspective to all that we do!

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