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Social Cooperative “Drassi”

Social Cooperative “Drassi” “Drassi” operates three commercial structures: A program that combines telemedicine, help at home and digital health services. A bakery (Peristeri, Athens) Catering Services What is the social impact of your business? “Drassi” promotes Moral Business, by supporting… More

State of Ambition

State of Ambition State of Ambition is a digital social enterprise that creates social mobility by supporting young people’s ambitions and soft-skills development. What is the social impact of your business? State of Ambition helps determined young people, who put… More

Old Spike Roastery & Change Please

Old Spike Roastery & Change Please Old Spike Roastery is a coffee business providing expert training, a job and accommodation to homeless people in the community. The delivery on the street is provided by Change Please, strongly linked to the… More

Filisia Interfaces

Filisia Interfaces Filisia is developing its product, Monoma, the next generation of accessibility input devices: connected, modular and customisable. Monoma is designed together with therapists, users and parents, and improves the lives of those with autism, cerebral palsy and stroke… More

Bike Works

Bike Works We deliver our mission through a variety of community cycling programmes including employability for disadvantaged groups, all ability cycling, bicycle ReUse & recycling, schools cycle training and much more. As a business we provide cycling services to both… More


BIOOPS! Transforming without destroying. This is the guideline of bioops’s technologies and services offered to companies. We are strongly confident that only an harmonious production doesn’t compromise the environment and creates value for everyone. In bioops we work to reduce… More


Endo-Sight Endo-Sight provides a 3D Augmented Reality navigation system able to guide surgeons and clinicians with extremely high precision inside the human body. What is the social impact of your business? Endo-Sight allows to see with extreme precision the position… More

Progetto QUID

Progetto QUID QUID promotes the employment of disadvantaged women whilst championing a new way of doing ethical fashion in Italy. Best quality Made in Italy surplus stock is turned into our exclusive QUID limited edition collections employing exclusively disadvantaged women.… More

New Horizons Foundation

New Horizons Foundation IMPACT and SKYE are youth development programs designed to empower teenagers and young adults with the competencies necessary for sustainable livelihoods. Based on best practices in the fields of experiential education and service-learning, these two sister programs… More


S.C. ARHITECTURAL CODE S.R.L Architectural Code pushes the architectural design in Romania by combining research on the developments in contemporary life and, not least, the personality and wishes of our beneficiaries. Our goal is to reach the ideal architectural solution.… More


Dizainăr Dizainăr sells and promotes Romanian Design. Their aim is to bringinternational recognition to Romanian designers and become the meeting point for value in creativity on the Romanian Market. While Dizainăr sell over 600 types of products in their online… More

“Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association

“Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association The „Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association develops sustainable solutions to promote local development projects and eco-tourism, taking on the mission of assisting the Delta and its inhabitants to get the attention they deserve,… More

Eco Herbal I.S.

Eco Herbal I.S. Eco Herbal operates in a rural community,Ghimpati Village, and was founded in order to respond to the community’s social problems and implement proper solutions for these problems. Their goals are to exert an impact on a large… More


COBI BICYCLE COBI Bicycle collects old bicycles and their stories to restore and resell them to bike lovers. They believe that every bicycle has a story and they want to help bike lovers in keeping alive the story of their… More

The Canvas Workshop

The Canvas Workshop The Canvas Shop is a social enterprise organised as a limited liabilitycompany, owned by Viitorplus as shareholder who carries on its economic activity in order to support the environmental and social mission of offering an ecological alternative… More


Traderion Traderion is the next generation talent managementtool for the financial services industry that significantly increases return on investment for hiring and training. Traderion evaluates, assesses, profiles, and trains trading professionals using data-analytics from proprietary gamified simulators to take talent… More

Real Room Escape

Real Room Escape The Real Room Escape creates games, where teams of 2 to 25 people enter real rooms and solve a scenario of puzzles and mechanisms to find the keys to the doors. They use logical deduction, intuition, general … More


Aviziero The building managers use Aviziero to split the utility bills between the apartments in the building. The software also provides all the necessary documents for a correct building accounting. As the information is available online, the owners/tenants, association’s presidents… More

Upside Down

Upside Down Upside Down is part of the innovative movement of upcycling. This concept involves the transformation of things that ends its life cycle in urban environment into new products, with added value. Upside Down creates, designs and manufactures useful… More


SelfieJobs We are in the business of creating a job-app for youngpeople across Europe. By using pictures, video and one-liners its the fastest one on the market. For companies its free to post up job-ads.     What is the… More

Gro Play

Gro Play We create GOOD GAME experiences to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. We believe that Play is not only the most fun but also the most powerful way… More


Inhours Inhours is an online platform that immediately connects companies with the most suitable young talents for theirvacancies. Our added value? An innovative system where candidates solve challenges (practical cases designed by experts in the profession) to apply for an… More

Illana Cultural Management

Illana Cultural Management Illana Cultural Management is a young office of music managers engaged with the recovering of Renaissance and Baroque music in Spain, the regional & traditional music and its ties with musics of the world.     What… More

Peppy Pals

  Peppy Pals We gamify Emotional Intelligence for children. Peppy Pals games are fun & educational tools that teaches kids about emotions, empathy and collaboration. Instead of using text and language we use facial expressions, body language and clear story… More

MOSAIK – Agency for European Communication Projects

  MOSAIK – Agency for European Communication Projects MOSAIK realizes unconventional projects that make you feel Europe’s diversity. It is, by its very meaning a European agency. Its projects reach from a quirky card game on Europe to a one-day-event… More

42 Education

  42 Education We are an educational platform for learning games, which can be used in school or at home to play together with your friends. The games are developed by professional serious game developers and the content can be… More

iCarry – Sharing Economy Delivery

  iCarry – Sharing Economy Delivery iCarry is the new enabler on delivery’s services upon sharing economy. Thanks to its huge community, people can deliver things within the day (same day delivery) safely, quickly and economically. iCarry was born to… More


  LABORATORIO DEL CAFFÈ Laboratorio del Caffè is an innovative project of fair sustainable development. We produce and distribute Coffee/Tea Machines and Coffee/Tea Capsules, 100% recyclable. Coffee and Tea come from Altromercato certified fair trade producers and the coffee/tea makers… More

De Regelneefjes

  De Regelneefjes We provide extra hands for any job and where needed and function as booking agency for freelancers, actively seeking for gigs and jobs for (starting) freelancers to fill up their agenda’s and enhance their life and their… More

Party For The People

  Party For The People Party For The People aims to change the way e-tickets are purchased, adding in a charitable donation element to the booking fee. We hope that by building in a social impact to the way customers… More

Sveriges Internationella Talanger (SIT)

  Sveriges Internationella Talanger (SIT) We offer educated foreigners who want to succeed in the Swedish labor market a professional network and online community where they can meet each other and find information and opportunities to further their ambitions. Most… More


DayCape We are creating an app to support children with autism with daily structure. Scaling would enable DayCape to help autistic children all around the world.   What is the social impact of your business? Making autistic children more independent… More

Mesteshukar ButiQ

Mesteshukar ButiQ Mesteshukar ButiQ is a network of social economy enterprises and craftsmen aiming to revalue traditional Roma craftsmanship. MBQ provides premium lifestyle products with a story and design that stands out in any context, using a blend of centuries… More


Alturista We are a responsible travel agency which understands that tourism is a powerful industry, able to transform society. Due to its economic and social impact, as well as its environmental impact, tourism development can be a positive growth engine… More


Instock   At Instock chefs create dishes with products that otherwise would go to waste. These products are collected every morning, with our electrical food rescue car, and served in our restaurant, toko or foodtruck. We want to rescue much… More


OrtiAlti   OrtiAlti realises orchards on flat roofs of urban buildings, through a collaborative methodology. We employ social enterprises of gardeners for the realisation works and we empower communities of users, by teaching them how to cultivate their orchards. Our… More

Social Cooperative Activities For Vulnerable Groups “EDRA” Education Center

Social Cooperative Activities For Vulnerable Groups “EDRA” Education Center EDRA’ s Life Long Learning Center is a part of a cooperative organization, thus it reflects the principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship. Our main goal is to provide quality… More


Yoni   Yoni offers women the choice for organic cotton tampons, pads and panty liners. We believe every woman should have the choice what she uses next to and in one of the most absorbent parts of her body. By… More

Bridge for Billions

Bridge for Billions   Bridge for Billions is a collaborative online platform to evaluate and develop entrepreneurial talent. Our proprietary technology connects corporate volunteers and investors with entrepreneurs globally. By recreating the startup journey through 8 Business Creation Tools, we… More

Fear & Fail

Fear & Fail   F&F exists to inspire individuals to take responsibility for their personal growth, reclaim their power by understanding how fear affects our way to what we call success. F&F reinforces the idea of successful communities by generating… More


SmartNinja SmartNinja is an IT education company. We believe that within the each of us lay hidden talents that are often neglected by the formal educational system. SmartNinja’s mission is to help people discover and grow their talents in the… More


  Welcome acts like your personal travel concierge covering all your in-destination requests starting from the very first one, the pickup from the airport. We have seen that our value proposition is unique and has not be applied in the… More

Fundación Sanders

  Fundación Sanders tackles the problem of poor academic performance and low job employability of children in Madrid at risk of exclusion by developing a digital curriculum that teaches social and emotional learning skills. These skills have been proven to… More

Numbers for Good

Numbers for Good is a social investment financial intermediary. We bridge the world of finance to organisations dedicated to improving people’s lives and helping the planet, creating financial solutions that allow organisations to fund social and environmental projects and connect… More

Margarita Vocational Training Center

Margarita is a Special Vocational Training Center, founded in 1979 as a non-profit foundation, by the initiative and personal strive of a mother whose child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, at a time when such support or activities were totally… More


The online freelance market is worth $2bn and is growing at 35%. A quarter of these freelancers are youth, but there are no platforms built just for them. CrowdSkills is a freelance platform custom-built to empower youth to use their… More

Wise Greece

Wise Greece is a non-profit Organization, with a double mission, that works as a social enterprise! We promote top quality Greek products, through the sales of which we manage to raise money and buy food, in order to donateit to… More

Feely AB

Feely is a mobile app that helps you take control of your mental health! Our mission is to help as many people as possible improve their mental health and prevent mental ill-health. The app has been proved to work in… More

KoiSPE “Athena – Elpis”

KoiSPE “Athena – Elpis” is a social enterprise that employs people with mental health and other psychosocial problems and develops various business activities such as offering a cleaning service crew, owning small cafes inside other institutions, providing catering services and… More


After 2 years of Research & Development, PHEE is the first company worldwide to ever introduce into the market a natural bio-based composite material, for the development of which, dead leaves of the vascular sea grass Posidonia Oceanica are used… More


eSolidar is a social impact startup, based in London and Braga, that aims to empower the community to boost charities awareness and sustainability through technology. It was awarded as “One of the the most outstanding digital initiatives for social good… More


An innovative digital mouthpiece that fights food waste! LastMinuteSottoCasa offer a new live-marketing formula that allows shops with a surplus of food products to instantly and easily inform people nearby. A win-win-win idea! The retailer wins (new, unexpected income at… More


Erdbeerwoche is the first company in the German speaking world that provides both an awareness raising platform and an online shop for sustainable feminine hygiene products. We want to scale because we see the potential of this topic and our… More

Idrott utan gränser (Sports Without Borders)

Idrott utan Granser(IUG) inspires thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds to see possibilities in life and believe in themselves and their potential to achieve their dreams. IUG aims to give all children and young people opportunities to shape their… More


FragNebenan is a social network for urban neighbourhoods. It’s the place for neighbours to share knowledge, resources, organise mutual aid – or just chat about local issues. Within their house and quarter FragNebenan also empowers neighbours to interact with property… More

Karisma Kidz

Karisma Kidz is a mobile platform that teaches emotional, social and entrepreneurial skills to children through play. Our Parents’ Dashboard enables parents to task, track and reward positive ‘real world’ behaviour, connect with other parents, and find solutions to the… More

aWATTar GmbH

We are the first power supplier in Austria (and hopefully soon in Germany) with a tariff that gets cheaper when it is windy and sunny outside. We provide automated solutions that help our customers use energy in the greenest and… More

Time Village

A help exchange community that connects people, passions and skills in an easy and fun way. We also provide business services (from which we plan to get revenue) and have active collaboration with NGOs as well as with public authorities… More

Stiftelsen Choice

Stiftelsen Choice (The Choice foundation) works with medical students to increase young people’s knowledge about health to empower them to take control of their health and thereby lead healthier lives. This is done through preventive initiatives in high schools in… More


Materia MATERIA designs and manufactures original, premium furniture and interior decoration products, mostly from reclaimed massive wood in combination with other high value materials: marble, brass, stainless steel, Plexiglas and wool. They also offer custom production services for interior decoration… More

Moyee Coffee

We are Moyee Coffee. We think it’s unfair that 99,9% of all Ethiopian coffee leaves the country as green beans. While the retail price for roasted beans is 6 to 7 times higher. Therefore we are preparing a coffee revolution,… More


We produce uniquely designed Longboards out of old snowboards together with ex-convicts.… More

Compuritas GmbH

We are a professional computer hardware refurbisher with a client focus on schools and NGOs. Since last year we have made huge progress, so we feel ready scale up properly!… More

Digital Mums

Digital Mums trains mums to be social media managers and then matches them to businesses who need their help getting digital. The issue of maternal unemployment and lack of flexible, rewarding work for mothers is not exclusive to the UK… More


Whatchado is the next gen career orientation platform: a guide of life stories that deals with the problems of the working world. Many young people and career changers find themselves not knowing where and how they should or can begin… More

Mashup Academy

Mashup Academy is a program that links local businesses in the fields of innovation and technology with secondary students in the marginalized communities in urban cities. Volunteers from businesses teach their area of expertise so the students can learn both… More


  At IT-Guide young immigrants help and teach senior citizens with the Internet and everything there is to know about computers, tablets and mobile phones. In return they get an opportunity to practice the Swedish language and learn more about… More

Aprendices Visuales

Aprendices Visuales is a small non-profit with a BIG mission: use technology to transform the lives of children with autism. We started with our cousin at home, we have currently reached 50,000 children in Spain and now we want to… More


Nannuka is the first online service that helps parents find, and review experts and places for children’s care, education and entertainment. Ιt’s a handy tool that’s ready to scale up and help parents all across Europe to make their everyday… More

The Good Tribe: The Expedition

Providing youth their first introduction to and training in leadership and social entrepreneurship, creating new opportunities outside the traditional education system. We want to scale because our program creates great results and we believe we can help improve children and… More


Barqo is the P2P boatsharing platform.  We make sailing accessible, sustainable and lucrative! We want to scale because we notice the huge potential to build local hubs who want to sail in their country and abroad.  … More


We provide psychological services to children and families, particularly in relation to children who have experienced trauma, maltreatment or live outside of their family of origin (eg in foster care, residential care or an adoptive family). We are scaling our… More

Accessible Travel

Accessible Travel Netherlands offers accessible tourism services in the Netherlands for visitors with disabilities from abroad. I want to grow the business, so I can encourage and enable more people to travel and improve the opportunities for people to enjoy… More


Dinst is a unique hi-tech, hi-touch concept that matches pre-selected home service providers to service users through its easy, accessible and transparent online platform. Its marketplace concept links service providers to service dependents as well as homecare institutions. This unique… More

Guide Me Right

Guide Me Right is a cross-platform marketplace where to book and discover social and cultural experiences with a Local Friend. A Local Friend is a local enthusiastic person who can earn by sharing his local knowledge and lifestyle the same… More

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) was founded by a group of sustainability leaders from global apparel and footwear companies who recognize that addressing our industry’s current social and environmental challenges are both a business imperative and an opportunity. Our focus… More


Oneplanetcrowd is a crowdfunding platform with a focus on sustainable and social projects, that is currently active in the Netherlands and Germany. Some of our success stories include WakaWaka, SnappCar, Begreen, iLost and Seamore. In order to help even more… More

Björn Agency

We deliver business services to sustainable fashion companies (customer service, sales, marketing). The business model of Björn agency is based on scaling. We offer our services in 6 countries and will expand to 26 countries by 2016. Scaling is one… More


We believe it is a waste that there are only 2 people in most taxis you see in the street. That is why we created Yeller: the app to share a taxi. Our ultimate goal is to truly optimize global… More


GreenFox renovates existing luminaires to the latest energy efficient standard. We work per project with 1 GreenFox-layer and 3 people with a handicap/distance to the labour market. We want to scale in Europe      … More

AGRONAUTI Vegan Organic Cosmetics

We are a vegan cosmetic brand with a high ethic philosophy and strong product knowledge. We want to scale to reach more interesting markets than the Italian one in the field of organic (and vegan) cosmetics.    … More

iss mich!

iss mich! is upcycling food waste to organic convenience food. After a year of experimenting and slow growth it became a necessity to grow into new market segments in order to sustain the business.  … More

We Walk The Line

We Walk the Line empowers marginalised people to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with business and barista skills.    … More


AltGen helps young people set up co-operatives as an empowering and collaborative solution to youth unemployment. Over the last year we have worked with 15 universities, engaged thousands of young people and started 5 new youth co-operatives. Now we would… More


Proversity works with local enterprises, governments and educational institutions to create and develop Digital Universities, populated with professional development courses delivered directly from employers. We want to scale in order to increase our impact in delivering free online quality education… More

Code Club

Code Club’s mission is to give every child in the world the chance to learn to code by providing project materials and a volunteering framework that supports the running of after-school coding clubs. We want to scale our model to… More

Friendy & Co. AB

Children need adults who understand them and can help them to put their feelings into words to help them cope. Therefore, We have developed Friendy, a doll with six different emotional expressions. We have created an educational concept with tools… More


We run a social enterprise that works with schools to rent their facilities out to the local communities in the evenings, weekends and school holidays. We aim to both help school budgets and provide the local community with space for… More


Education is a democratic right, but if you aren’t born into the “right” family or have other possibility to receive help after school hours, you will have a lack of knowledge and support. Mattecentrum tutors youngsters for free in math… More

Equal Education

Equal Education is a tuition service for children looked after. In the past year we have expanded to 100 tutors and half the London Boroughs. After this successful pilot, we wish take our offering across the country and internationally.  … More


Kooness is the first european platform that increases art galleries’ visibility by offering a tool to reach a larger, more global audience of internet connected art buyers. We want to scale because our business was born to go global, the… More


Handiscover.com is the first community based Holiday accommodation-booking website (similarities with AirBnb) dedicated to people with Physical disabilities. With over 10% of the total population suffering from physical disabilities, there is a large market globally for a dedicated marketplace and… More

Unlimited Meanwhile

Unlimited Meanwhile Ltd. uses vacant space and facilitates disruption and change to the property industry to bring alternative uses and more people back to our high streets.  … More


Kuorum.org is a social company aimed to improve the communication between politicians and citizens through technology. Kuorum.org aims to be the global leading technology for citizen-politician communication management.… More

XMETRICS – Empowering Performance

XMetrics created and commercializes the ultimate activity tracker to improve any swimmer’s performance, using advanced biomechanical sensors and sophisticated algorithms. We want to scale to keep imaging and creating solutions that can change every passionate swimmer’s daily life.… More


Authenticitys is an online platform that connects visitors with local, unforgettable experiences that make the city we are in, better. We design and host experiences with our community of entrepreneurs to curate an incredible time that will leave a positive… More

Father Nature

Father Nature is a landscape design company focused on sustainable community gardening projects and events to connect the people of Lambeth, London (particularly its low income families and schoolchildren) with nature and healthy living. Community engagement is core to our… More